Litigation Status

We filed the first of three complaints in the Zogg Fire case on December 23, 2020 and are moving forward with litigation in order to keep the maximum amount of pressure on PG&E. Accordingly, we filed a petition to coordinate all cases in front of a single judge so that litigation and discovery can commence.


The judge who is hearing the Kincade Fire cases (Judge Cheng, in Department 613 in San Francisco Superior Court), heard our petition and recommended coordination in San Francisco. Once the Judicial Council approves this request, the case will be transferred to San Francisco for pre-trial purposes. This should occur before September of 2021.

SSMS is working toward obtaining full and fair resolutions for all of our clients as quickly as possible. If you are already a client, please review the Case Resolution section below for a list of information and items we need to get from you in order to document your damages and get you compensated for your losses. Please call us today to find out more (619-771-3473).

 If anyone is interested in reviewing any of the documents we have filed, they are all available here: Click To Download. Please also feel free to contact us directly and we can send you any filings you would like to see.

Court Orders


SSMS Filings


What We Need From Our Clients

In order to give you the greatest chance of success in recovering money from PG&E, we need your help to gather evidence so we can document your damages, get your claim into mediation and make sure you are fully compensated as quickly as possible. 

The following items are important in proving up your damages, so please try to obtain them as soon as possible. Obviously, not everyone will be able to obtain each item, so please do not feel overwhelmed, and let us know if you have questions.  We are here to help you!

  1. Proof of residency/ownership. We need to establish that you owned and/or lived at the burn-address. Documents that we can use to satisfy this requirement include the deed of ownership (property owners), driver’s license, rental agreement, etc.
  2. Pre- and post-fire photographs. These are important, so please begin gathering what you have. For pre-fire photographs, it is always a good idea to ask friends and family members to check their cell phones and social media accounts, as they will often have pictures taken at your property.
  3. Personal property list. If you lost personal property, it is critical you make as complete a list as possible. We know this is very difficult and can be very stressful, so please let us know if you need assistance. You may have compiled such a list for your insurance claim. If so, you can use that list if it is finished (or finish it). If not, we have provided a personal property inventory list to help jog your memory. If you do not have access to the internet, we can mail you a paper copy of the form, which allows you to check boxes of items you might have had instead of having to create a list from scratch. It also helps jog your memory of the things you might have lost.
  4. Alternative living expenses. If you incurred costs caused by your displacement from the fire for food, lodging, and/or other essentials and were not compensated by insurance for them, please gather any receipts, logs, bank statements, or other documents you may have establishing these costs and send them to us, along with the total amount you spent for each type of cost (food, lodging, other essentials, for example). 
  5. Any other documents that may support your claim. Every claim is different, so if you have any documents that apply specifically to your claim, please let us know
help with insurance claims

Help With Insurance Issues

As a part of our representation, we provide our clients access to our in-house insurance expert free of charge. If you are experiencing issues or have hit an impasse with your insurer, please let us know. We can put you in touch with someone who will review your policy, help you understand the terms, and work through problems with coverage where possible. 

The Team
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Singleton Schreiber McKenzie & Scott Trial Lawyers (“SSMS”), based in San Diego, is the premier fire litigation firm in the State of California. Over the past decade, SLF has represented over seven thousand individuals in major fires all over the state of California and has recovered more than $750 million for its clients in fire cases. Lead attorney Gerald Singleton has served as Liaison Counsel and on the Executive Committees in some of the largest fires in the state.

SLF started developing their expertise in fire litigation beginning in 1993. Since that time, they have represented clients in all of the major utility fires in California, including the 2007 San Diego Fires, 2013 Powerhouse Fire, 2015 Butte Fire, 2017 Northern California and Thomas Fires, 2018 Camp Fire, and the 2019 Kincade Fire.

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